School Bus Clubs


To reserve a child’s seat on the coach a completed seat reservation form must be completed online at Seats are reserved for the
full academic year. No refunds will be made. By accepting a place on the service you are agreeing to a contract for the full academic year.

Children will be issued with a travel pass or a QR code to allow them to check in whenever boarding, they must carry this with them. They will be asked to
produce this by the coach driver every day. Failure to produce a valid travel pass or QR code may result in refusal to board the coach.

The afternoon coach will depart from School promptly at the time stated on the published timetable. If a child anticipates being late, he/she should ask a
fellow passenger to inform the driver. The driver will not wait more than a couple of minutes in this event. It is impossible to have a head count on either the
morning or afternoon run. Individuals have therefore to be responsible for their own time keeping. Each child should be instructed on how to contact a
parent/guardian should a problem arise at any time i.e. missed the bus. A contingency plan is strongly advised.

The coach company will endeavor to act responsibly and to contact schools before the end of the school day should there be a delay in the bus arriving for
the afternoon departure. The school will then direct the children accordingly, either to wait together at the pick up point or contact parents/guardians in any
event deemed necessary.

The organisers reserve the right to amend the routes, pick up points (and times) along with occupants of the coach at any time in order to make best use of
the vehicles.

There is NO parental supervision on the vehicles other than the driver. Children MUST remain seated at all times for their own comfort and safety, and the
safety of their fellow passengers. All vehicles are fitted with seatbelts. All passengers must wear seat belts at all times. Failure to do so is not the
responsibility of the driver or vehicle operators.

Seats may not be reserved or occupied with bags. Any passenger is entitled to remove bags from a seat and occupy it.

Children are expected to behave in a proper manner and to have regard to common courtesy to the driver, fellow passengers and the vehicle. The partaking
of food snacks is allowed at the discretion of each individual driver – please ensure any rubbish is retained until disembarking from the vehicle – a bin is
provided, usually at the front of the bus. Any child found to be making a deliberate mess will be asked to clean it up, if necessary at the vehicle depot.

Incidents of unruly or disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated and will be firmly dealt with. NB: Any child/children involved in an incident on the coach
which is reported by the driver to the company office will be issued with a warning. Punch holes will be made in the child’s travel pass or via the QR code to
show they have had a warning. Please check your child’s travel pass or QR code regularly to see if any warnings have been issued.

Should a child’s behavior continue to cause disruption to fellow passengers to such a point that 3 warnings have been issued then they will be excluded from
the bus for 2 weeks. A replacement travel pass or QR code will only be issued by providing a new photograph and collecting the travel pass or QR code in
person from the offices of TS Travel.

Incidents of a serious nature or that endangers passenger safety may result in an immediate exclusion for a period longer than 2 weeks. NO REFUNDS WILL
BE MADE to excluded passengers.
Prefects and senior pupils do have authority over ALL children on the coach and will report unacceptable language or behavior to the appropriate school

It is the children’s responsibility to look after their own belongings. Any lost property may be collected provided that it has been handed in. Please contact
our office to check it has been found. A handling charge of £5 per item may be incurred. Replacement travel passes or QR codes are charged at £8 each.

COVID 19, and any other unforeseen Epidemic or Pandemic Payment terms and payment in full must be completed as per the confirmed booking details. The
annual fee must be paid in full. Not withstanding any other provision, under the School Bus Contract, any claim, loss, liability, cost or expense of whatever
nature directly or indirectly arising out of or contributed to by or resulting from coronavirus disease (COVID-19), severe acute respiratory syndrome
coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), or any mutation or variation thereof. No credit, refund or any other form of discount will be agreed for any claim, loss, cost or
expense of whatever nature directly or indirectly arising out of or contributed to by or resulting from: (i) any fear or threat (whether actual or perceived) of:
or {ii) any action taken in controlling, preventing, suppressing or in any way relating to any outbreak of; coronavirus disease (COVID-19), severe acute
respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), or any mutation or variation thereof. Subject otherwise to all other terms, conditions, exclusions and
limitations of the School Bus Contract and Invoice provided and confirmed either prior to, or during the current academic year. Which applies to the provision
of home to school transport by School Bus Club or any of its subcontractors

MORNING SNOWFALL CANCELLATION. In the event of heavy snow the decision to cancel the morning service will be taken at 7.00am. There will be no
return service on any day that the morning service is cancelled. School closure notice is usually given over local radio stations. When it is decided to cancel
the service a text message will be sent to all those who have registered a mobile phone number on their application form. Phone calls will not be
answered before 7.00am. Some services may run depending on the route. Regular updates will be posted on our web site and social media. Please check
our Web Site and Social Media avoid calling our office to keep lines available for drivers to report problems.

MIDDAY SNOWFALL. The decision to close the school early and to send the vehicles out early will be made by either the heads of the respective schools
or the coach company. Parents are usually informed by text and information available from our web site and social media. Every attempt will be made by
the coach company to get the children back to their respective drop off points. If this is not possible parents may well have to get themselves to a
designated central point to meet the coach if the weather so demands.

The actions and behavior of the children on the vehicle, or the consequences thereof, shall not be the responsibility of the operating company. Parents are asked to ensure their children know exactly what is expected of them on the bus journey.

The responsibility for the children prior to boarding or after leaving the vehicle shall not be the responsibility of the operating company. Parents are advised that passengers who request unscheduled drop off points do so entirely at their own risk.

The operating coach company shall be responsible operators and carry full insurance cover for public liability, as required by law.

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